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    Megan Nikolaisen
    June 04, 2024

    I tan occasionally in the spring at Beauty World. I was there last week and when I got home I realized that my diamond stud was missing. I called BW and explained that I thought my earring had came out in tanning room. The lady i spoke with was nice and said she would go check. When she came back to phone she said she’d found it and took my information and said she would put it in the safe for me to pick up next day. I made my day!

    June 28, 2024

    I will never use this salon again. Absolutely mortified by the staffs behavior towards me and it's own employees. Called to make an appointment for cut and style. I have extremely thick fine curly hair and I know it can be a huge process for some stylists so I always make sure to emphasize I need a curl specialist or someone who knows curls. Booked a same day appointment, arrived thirty minutes early because I know my hair can take forever and I wanted to see if they had time to take me early. Front desk staff said the stylist had stepped out and would return for the time of the appointment, no big deal definitely willing to wait for original time. As I am waiting the front desk staff is openly gossiping with another stylist about how a different employee is charging too much for her hair cuts like she is still in California and how none of the pricing in the salon has been updated. My stylist comes in and the other stylist who was gossiping with front staff calls her over and is whispering something about me, then proceeds to say "Good luck with that" I look up to see the shock on her face as she's staring at me. Already not feeling good about the appointment just based on staff interaction, she takes me back to her station. I provide an inspo photo and ask if this style is possible with my hair type. She proceeds to tell me my hair is super curly and very pretty but that she isn't sure of the style or my hair. A little frustrated but not surprised I reiterate that when I made the appointment I asked specifically for someone who works with curly hair. So she says I work with curly hair just not your type of curly hair, I am mildly upset and offended at this point. She tries to save the appointment by trying to find someone working who can work with my hair type. So she walks to the back office and starts talking to a woman behind a desk and I am just sitting in the chair as this other woman is just staring at me blankly. They end up closing the door and by that point I am so upset I just walked out of the appointment. No one should be made to feel like their hair is a daunting task or unable to work with. I felt like when I made the call to book the appointment I made it very clear how curly my hair was as to not waste the stylists or my time. I have used a handful of stylists from this salon over the years and none of them have ever traumatized me the way this experience has. I ended up going to the Cary O'Brien's salon where I was welcomed by an actual curly hair specialist who was excited to work with me.

    Ryan Penrose
    June 03, 2024

    Haleigh H is amazing and a great representation for this company. She answers all questions and makes sure you feel valued as a customer. 💯

    Amanda Potter
    October 12, 2021

    We got my son's first professional hair cut today and Marlin Bisoff was amazing. She handled my son very well and gave him a very cute hair cut. Highly recommend Marlin.

    November 13, 2023

    Literally the most racist and unprofessional salon ever. Was met with dirty and judgmental looks when I walked in with my natural hair. Even after the hairstylist did my hair and it was straight, some people still gave me looks. I was in disbelief as I didn’t expect my hometown to become this racist. Unbelievable!! Don’t ever go to this salon!

    Beauty World Salon & Spa

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    3857 Mexico Rd, St Charles, MO 63303, USA

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