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    April 03, 2024

    Many of you know my car, even if you don't know me. It is a 2007, Dodge Daytona, RT, numbered car, Plum Crazy Purple. I had a hit and run fender dent on the driver rear side. A dent ran diagonally, through the fender crease, to the bottom edge, denting that crease at the bottom rim as well. Fortunately, Car Star has a Dent Wizzard that works in the 1505 Jungerman, St. Peters, MO Car Star Shop! He did 3 perfect, paintless dent repairs, 2 were difficult for this type repair. He saved me lots of money and they are absolutely perfect repairs! The driver's side rear fender dents running through the two creases I believe being the worst so I have 3 before pics of it on the top and 2 after, on the bottom and last pic is happy, dentless, shiney "Purple Dragon" (car nickname) home in it's Den (my garage), in under a week! The first estimate I got for same work, minus a window guard part replacement on the passenger side, so actually even less work, from a different local Auto body in Wentzville, was $4000.00!!!! Car Star was $851.00 for the same work plus window guard part replacement! The Office staff at Car Star is very pleasant and helpful. An online link they text me allowed me to check the status myself. I hope this is helpful. Thank you Car Star Team! You are the best!

    Justin Sheehan
    November 11, 2023

    I was told by the initial inspection guy they would replace a cheap interior molding piece for me during my initial inspection. I asked if he could do this while they had it in the shop and he said sure, no problem. I let him know the dealer no longer makes it (my truck is a 2016) but I know where he could get it and he told me not to worry about it-they’d get it for me. I had no problem paying for it-as this is an insurance claim and I did not expect them to eat it-even if it is maybe a $20 molding. Since they’re a body shop and their already doing work on my truck I thought I’d ask if they could do it while it’s there. Again, the guy said sure, no problem. If he’d had said no, they could not, I would have had no problem with that. Then when I went to drop it off (30-45 days later and after I felt it’s too late to go somewhere else), the owner said she would not do that for me and started giving me the third degree on why I wouldn’t just do it myself since I know where to find the piece. I didn’t do it myself because I asked your guy if you would and he said yes. Once a company says it will do something-especially something so small-and then they go back on what they said-it shows me their level of integrity and I won’t be back. I’ll pick another carstar next time. The work they did changing my bumper was fine as I would expect it to be, however they changed 1 fog lamp and not the other so now they don’t match. It would have been nice if I’d had a call offering to change the other one at the same time while they had the bumper off for however much extra. I would have gladly paid them to do it at the same time. Seems they really drop the ball on customer care. That would have been an easy up sell and would have profited them as well for an easy add on. Measurement for bumper seems off too. Not a huge deal really-but things I’d likely never check for if they did the right thing. Carstar is supposed to be quality. Pics show difference in measurement-I’m not a body man and I can see the difference, why didn’t they? Last pic. was the molding I asked them if they could find and install for me.

    Kathleen Kinninger
    March 20, 2024

    Carstar St. Peters did an amazing job on my vehicle. They were completely up front about fees and their process. I felt very confident leaving my repairs to them. The office staff was friendly and kept in touch with me through every step. They even coordinated my rental pick up and drop off! From the puppy greeting committee, to the ease of check out, Carstar St. Peters did an amazing job! My vehicle was returned to me all fixed and shiny clean and it all comes with a great warranty! 5 Stars!

    Jake Brown
    April 15, 2024

    The staff is very friendly, helpful, and make you feel like your car is in the best hands possible! I've never gotten hail damage before, but Carstar has taken the hassle out of getting my car fixed!

    Brad Georgen
    July 16, 2023

    If you have met Kerry, you've gotten either his "OK" side or you've had him come unhinged at you. The first time I brought my truck to his shop, I found that his mechanic left me with 3 broken pieces of plastic, as well as a missing bolt when the truck was returned to me. When they went to rectify the situation they damaged the finish on my truck. I will not be returning to this Carstar after my experience trying to rectify the situation with Kerry. I never gave them permission to wash my truck, and they haven't returned my calls or emails about paying for a detailer to restore what they damaged.

    carstar auto body, Peters

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