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    April 22, 2022

    My first appointment in 6-7 years. I was happy to be back! Did my eye exam and was fitted for glasses 🤓 and sunglasses 🕶 within an hour or so! Great doctor! Dr Heigel if I am spelling that correctly!

    Lita Hayden
    January 13, 2022

    Had a very good experience with making the appointment and with all the front desk gals. My son and I both went for appointments that day. As we were waiting to be seen I asked about my son having an exam for both eyeglasses and contacts as he wears both. I knew it cost additional to do both. I asked how much more it would be for him to also have a contact exam, the front desk girl explained that the cost of that is left up to the doctor. She fumbled through some papers on her desk and said, "It looks like the doctor has been charging $45 today." I said that was fine and we moved forward. I had no problem with the doctor during my appointment, she wasn't overly friendly, however she did her job. I was finished first and looked at some frames while I waited for my son. My son is a grown man and is in college and still on our insurance so I'm not sure the doctor knew he was my son or not. I am a 58 year old white woman, my son is a 21 year old black guy so we didn't look like a mother and son combo. When he was finished with the doctor he came out and we chose not to order at that time because they were trying a different pair of contacts on my son and wanted to see how he did with those before ordering. I paid the bill and we went our separate ways. I thought the bill was a bit high so I looked it over a little better to see why it seemed high. Well my son was charged $75 additional for his contact appointment instead of $45 as she had previously been charging patients on that same day. Of course that upset me and my son had a followup to check the contacts they had him trying out. I decided I was not going back to that doctor nor was I going to subject my son to dealing with her again, so I canceled the appointment and told them why. Well the manager called me and she apologized and made an appointment for my son at a different location. Thank God it's over and I will not be returning to Clarkson Eyecare anymore. I did not feel like I received any explanation for the over charge nor did they even offer to return the $30 over charge. I told her how I felt and what it seemed to me was going on, however I didn't want to speculate or assume that it was something it wasn't. That is how it ended and my Family will go elsewhere from now on.

    David Ilges
    March 24, 2022

    Dr Laura is an excellent eye doctor. She is very thorough and pleasant to work with. All of the staff are very polite.

    Dee Tills
    December 30, 2021

    I have been using Clarkson Eyecare for years, this location and others. giving a three star rating because the girls at the front desk that did my initial scans and paperwork in the beginning and end were wonderful. If I was able to solely rate my visit with the doctor, it would be a one, MAYBE two star review. When I initially made my appointment, the gentleman on the phone let me know that there was a new doctor at this location and I said that is totally fine, I’ve never had any issues with any Clarkson docs! I was told to bring my glasses, nobody ever asked to look at my glasses, nobody ever asked if I wanted new glasses, nobody asked if I was having any issues with my glasses and needed them adjusted. That was not that big of a deal, really just annoying over anything. Fast forward to today, my first visit with Dr. Dalton. When the doctor came in, she originally seemed very vivacious, bubbly, and excited to help. I was thrilled! Well, that quickly changed with her first unnecessary, condescending remark. I laughed it off, and let it slide. As the appointment and conversation continued, her attitude & the remarks made became more and more condescending. As the appointment was finishing up, she asked if I wanted to put my contacts in or leave my glasses on. I responded with, “Oh man, I definitely want to put my contacts back in it! I don’t like to drive in my glasses, its much too difficult for me to see my peripheral view while driving with my glasses!” Her response was (with a smile on her face and a giggle in her voice), “ we actually don’t have peripherals, but OK you can use that table & mirror over there.” I responded with “Oh, okay. Thank you.” There was no thank you so much, nice meeting you, have a great day, happy new year, or a goodbye for that matter. Instead of making that condescending remark, she could have use that as a teaching opportunity or just not said a damn thing. As an almost 30-year-old woman, I have never been made to feel like this doctor made me feel. She spoke to me as if she was speaking to a child throughout the entire appointment. This doctor is the sole reason that myself and my family Will be taking our contact, glasses, & lasik business elsewhere.

    Chip France
    February 14, 2022

    I switched from another Clarkson Eyecare to this one and was more impressed with the way the appt went.

    Clarkson Eyecare

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    390 Mid Rivers Mall Dr, St Peters, MO 63376, USA

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