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    Emmanuel Olatunde
    May 08, 2022

    Went here for mother's day brunch. Being a holiday I totally expected to wait. The wait wasn't that bad. I was told about an hour and fifteen minutes,but we were seated in about 30 minutes. Our server was courteous and pleasant. She explained that silverware was being cleaned and would be out shortly. Promptly took our orders and provided the drinks as requested. Now the food actually took about as long as what I was expecting to be prepared, again it's a holiday so I'm not upset about the wait for the food to be prepared. What was a disappointment was the quality of the food that came out. The pancakes came out fine and the kids meals came out fine, however everything else was disappointingly overcooked. Unfortunately one of our children got sick unrelated to the meal so we decided to take our food home. Also slightly disappointing was the fact that silverware had still not been brought out for our meal even well after waiting 30 to 40 minutes for the food to be prepared. We normally have really great experiences here, however this experience was not to the standard that we normally expect. Will this totally stop us from coming to the restaurant, maybe not but hopefully our next experience will be a little bit more pleasant.

    Jeffrey Martin
    February 22, 2022

    I have rarely given a 1-star rating to a restaurant for the quality of the food, but this one is definitely deserved. I'm giving this one star because it was a truly exceptionally bad meal. The service was fine, and I have no issue with the waitress or the cashier. I ordered the fried chicken meal with mashed potatoes and gravy and fried okra plus a buttermilk biscuit. The fried chicken: the batter was extremely dark and hard (NOT crispy, but hard), and the bottom of each piece of chicken was literally dripping oil. ALL of the bones in the chicken were leaking large amounts of black bone marrow. I suspect the chicken was fried once earlier in the day, then set aside in a refrigerator (fingers crossed for luck) and fried a second time later in the day. The rapid speed with which the chicken got to me after I ordered it, and the fact that it was cool to the touch, means it definitely wasn't fried anywhere near the time that I ordered it. In addition, other than tasting of cooked vegetable oil, the breading on the chicken was flavorless. The mashed potatoes were cold in the center. I'm not saying they were cool in the center, I'm saying they were actually much colder than room temperature in the center Like the chicken, the buttermilk biscuits had obviously been sitting around for quite a while since they were baked. They were not even warm enough to melt the butter that I spread on them. The fried okra, however, was crisp and reasonably warm, though not hot. My opinion of this Cracker Barrel location: Not recommended.

    Amethyst Heart
    May 09, 2022

    So at the beginning of the evening we were seated and the waitress was a little just not there. So to start this out we ordered hot chocolates and some silverware. After 20 minutes of ordering it they came back and told us they didn't have the chocolate whip cream we said it was fine and it came out quickly. Still didn't have our silverware. Then our food came out we asked for silverware again. And some of our food wasn't there more food came and we asked again for silverware. I look at my food and my mashed potatoes I could pick up! The plate was hotter than our food. My dad got a manager and he blamed it all on short staff. NO the food was cold. That means the food was sitting there. The manager gave us two options eat the cold food and he'll pay for all of it or get new food remade and we pay for everything. My dad says we want to get it remade and asked for silverware finally we got it but only got 1 knife 3 forks and 2 spoons for a family of 4! My dad gets up realizing what he said and complained about having to pay full price after waiting and waiting. The manager blamed it all on short staff. News flash everyone is short staff. They seat people they could not seat so many people there are fixes. We asked for more knifes after the 6th time they finally gave us them. The new food came out and it was hot so the food sat back there the first time and after everything the manger never apologized. We have come here and a lot it gives a lot of memories of someone who isn't with us anymore and we don't come as often anymore but it'll be awhile we come back.

    Mollie Moseley
    April 09, 2022

    The server was attentive and helpful. That's about the extent of what good we could say regarding our current experience here. We were highly encouraged to get the Fish Fry meal which was being heavily promoted by Cracker Barrel. Since it was a Friday, we both ordered this, and expected to receive our meals in a timely manner. It was around four o'clock and the place wasn't particularly busy. But we did have to wait a longer time than we usually do for our meals to arrive at our table. Unfortunately, it was quite obvious that our wait was in no way connected to the food having been freshly prepared. The fish was just barely warm, and the side items were actually cool inside. When we were able to get the attention of the server, she was quite apologetic, and offered to get us freshly prepared fish, and my side dish, hash-brown potato casserole. We waited for at least ten to fifteen more minutes, while my partner just went ahead and ate his lukewarm beans and part of his cool fried fish. He was that hungry, as he hadn't eaten anything at all that day yet. When the waitress brought a plate of fresh fish, it was acceptably hot, although again the potatoes were not! Not at all! Actually cool on the inside! By then, we really had to get going, so we ate the fish and the cornbread, and got going. My partner when checking out, mentioned the cold food in answering the cashier, eliciting some measure of regret. The whole experience has put us off of dining here again, 😒 it was unsatisfying all in all.

    Mike Hubbard
    March 19, 2022

    I hate to write this review and give one star at that. My wife and I went in this afternoon. Were told it would be a 25 minute wait to be seated, but we were sat in under 10 minutes. That part was great. When we were seated our waitress came up and just stood there for about a minute looking at us before asking how we were and take our drink order. She went and grabbed our drinks and took our food order. I understand it was lunch and busy. But we waited 45 minutes for our order before giving up and leaving. The table next to us waited just as long before they order showed up. The waitress (same as ours) never apologized to them or anything. There was also another table in her section with 4 senior citizens who were waiting awhile. They were talking to the manager on duty. Not sure what was said, but their food came out shortly after. Our waitress never checked on us during that 45 minutes, never brought our appetizers or even stopped by to apologize for the wait. We also watched other tables that were sat after us receiving their orders. I’ve never had a bad experience at this location. But the service today was unacceptable for everyone there in the section we were in today. I’m not saying that I won’t go back ever again. But it’ll definitely be awhile before I do. It’s sad that we went across the street to another restaurant and were seated immediately and received our order all in very short order. And they were just as busy.

    Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

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