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    Nick Meyer
    February 07, 2024

    First they send me the hitch in a box too small and the wrong wiring harness. I have a 2020 Honda Pilot; I placed the correct vehicle in their filter to only show parts associated with my vehicle. I have had to communicate with 3 different individuals. They place the blame on me... stating that that wiring harness should work and that is the correct part number. Even though it says on the package 2019. Being a former mechanic and a firefighter. I'm pretty good mechanically. I tried several access points and none of them worked to snake through the large 7 pin connector. The wiring harness in their video even looks different than the one they sent me. I'm still working with them on this issue and will update my review once my issue has been resolved. Until then, I will never use them again. I wonder if I'm going to have to speak to a four or fifth person to resolve this. Update, fourth person tells me to take detailed pictures of the wiring harness. However, before they reached back out to me… I went on Amazon, where I should have gone in the first place. Used their filter for my vehicle, found the correct wiring harness, ordered, delivered and installed within 3 days. About 4 days after that the fourth person reached out asking for detailed pictures of the wiring harness. I informed them what I mentioned above and I would like to start the refund process. A reply from the 4th person 3 days later with a shipping label and that they were going to deduct $17 from my refund to ship back their mistake. This company isn’t worth the time or energy. I found everything that I needed on Amazon and for less. Use my poor judgment to benefit yourself. Hope this helps you in your shopping.

    Dave Wehberg
    March 13, 2024

    Hi, very happy with the assistance provided by etrailer and Jameson. I found the right bike rack for attaching to my flat tow vehicle. I am concerned about the condition of the package containing my $600 bike rack. See pictures. I will follow up after unpacking. This isn’t what I expect to receive

    Dwain Vermilyea
    March 01, 2024

    Your message refers to a water heater question which compared tankless heaters to those with tanks. The information helped me chose which was best for us, and that ended up being one with the tank. I ended up ordering one from Camping world, since my membership and the Presidents Day sale gave me a pretty good discount. But as for my other recent orders, which includes the Sumo spring helpers, 8k leaf springs, and furrion igniter, I am pleased that they were so easy to get, they arrived quickly, and were exactly what was ordered. The suspension equipment is installed and is ready for whenever we hitch up again for our trip back north. I'll let you know how they worked in a month or so. As for the furrion igniter, it didn't come with the wires, which I need more than the igniter. So until I find a source for those, I'll have to store the igniter in a drawer and wait! Otherwise I need to find the proper end connectors that will fit the igniter probes. The ends of my existing wires are broken off, some inside the old igniter, and that is the problem. I do not know how or why these break, but the original set was broken when we bought and took possession of the RV. They were replaced under warranty, and it worked until a few months ago. Otherwise I am very pleased with the service and help I received from your staff. And while I've never met any of you face to face, it was like talking to old friends when trying to solve my needs or problems. I am now, and likely will remain a satisfied customer, thank you! The photos show the old springs compared to the new, and that both springs on the rear axle had sheared the center bolt heads in the saddles. We were very lucky to find these when we did. I and three other friends, all mechanics or otherwise experienced, installed these parts in the field. It took a total of about four hours actual labor time.

    Bob Dell Elba
    November 07, 2023

    Jameson, was very thorough in his response and made a good recommendation which I am exploring further. He also asked for my Lug nut pattern and have include a photo here. If I went to a 17 " would I have to change drums and dual axles (7000lb) to accommodate larger lug size than the current 1/2 lug.

    M Gotts
    January 23, 2024

    There is no doubt etrailer sells a lot of quality products at reasonable pricing. I've bought all kinds of stuff from their website over the years. However, as of recent, their customer service and shipping has really gone downhill. I needed to get a fifth wheel hitch in short order ahead of moving a trailer on a weekend. I scouted several websites and etrailer advertised the best estimated delivery time so they got my business. For reference, I ordered the product on the 14th, with an advertised estimated delivery of the 17th to my zip code. I needed the hitch by the 20th. Plenty of time, right? Wrong. AFTER I placed the order, the estimated delivery time changed to the 19th.... When the 19th rolled around, nothing was delivered. I finally got HALF of the hitch on the 22nd in an absolutely destroyed box. It arrived scabbed together with staples, other pieces of cardboard, and a whole bunch of tape. The protective styrofoam was destroyed. They shipped a 110lb piece of the hitch in the single, vendor-provided cardboard box.... how a business could think that is a reliable move is beyond me. I received the boiler plate email from etrailer saying "your order has delivered, please leave a review". The second box still isnt here. I called UPS and filed a claim. I also called etrailer to see if they can send me another set of legs (the piece missing) since 1) it didnt arrive when they said it would and 2) their website policy is to just simply call them to address missing parts.... as if its so easy. They refused to send any parts until "UPS emails them back".... it took me 11 minutes on the phone to get the claim filed so I'm not sure what they cant do that I can. The claim is on the tracking number, any person can see that. Really frustrating experience. And I still cant move the trailer. I had some shipping woes earlier this year on some smaller items from their website and decided to take my business elsewhere. I tried to give it another shot this round and should have went with my gut.

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