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    Candice Gamache
    August 31, 2022

    I went to deposit a check and the teller said I could cash it. Cashed the check then made a deposit. The next day the teller called me and left me a voicemail saying they have to reverse the check and I would have to come in a fill out paperwork? Then they removed the funds from my account. I called and the office is supposedly closed till Monday. What a horrible bank. Response to owner: I shouldn’t have to make 2 different trips to deposit a check. Your employee should’ve known this from when I initially deposited the check and there wouldn’t have been an issue.

    Shona McIntyre
    October 02, 2022

    Is Fist Community the new DMV? I have been multiple times at both locations to set up my business account, and to do general transactions and I don’t owe money,in-fact I deposit a great amount of money and I still get the dead eyed greeting with no warmth whatsoever, it’s like they get a bonus for each frown and blank stare you receive! Customer service is none existent and it’s obvious everyone hates their job!

    noname dillweed
    July 09, 2019

    Been banking with them for many years. I have 3 accounts, 2 are business accounts. Dealing with them has always been unpleasant. Now they won't work with customers over the phone without a phone PIN. I don't have the mental capacity to remember all my passwords (around a hundred) and add this stupid PIN number to my memory which will be used maybe once a month - makes it hard for a business person who travels a lot. The worst part is they want to send their stupid PIN in the mail - very, very unsecure. Imagine the damage someone could do it they got my PIN from the mail.

    January 21, 2020

    This review is about the loan services, I’ve never had a problem at this physical branch Anyway, this review is about the loan department.. like many Americans in this harsh late-stage-capitalism reality, I’m behind on my car payment.. apparently after a customer (I think they forget that we’re customers) is more than 30 days behind the account is put into restricted mode. We are required to stand there embarrassed and wait for the teller to call some special department for “approval” yet payments are always approved. Beyond being embarrassing, this is simply a waste of time for all parties involved, as well as anyone waiting in line. But I think I know who it’s not a waste of time for, this loan/collections department. I’m beginning to think this is just a way for some of them to have jobs.. when I called to ask why this was required they simply told me “because it’s policy” with a very condescending attitude.. I wish I remembered the guys name, because he probably shouldn’t be working there if he’s gonna great people like his personal punching bags.. I was also told that they weren’t going to change the policy just because I had a problem with it... what an absolutely shameful thing to say, no duh guy.. I was trying to find out why and voice my opinion. when i realized that he clearly didn’t want to listen, I asked where I could voice my complaint. I was told that this department doesn’t have a place to voice complaints.. this all still takes place even after I’ve been told that paying on a specific date was okay, by what I assume is the same fregin department.. Get your act together FCCU, this is disgraceful.. nobody should be talked to the way I was talked to, especially after I was so nice to the condescending gentleman at first.. I guess customer service gets tossed out the window ones we owe you money huh? Well people have a choice where they get loans from, I won’t be choosing FCCU again.. you shouldn’t either.. Another fun fact!.. when I got this loan at the car dealership, I was told that I had to pay the bank $47.something before they would approve the loan, apparently I owned them money from a past account, but I personally couldn’t recall. I was also required to physically drive to a branch location to pay it in cash.. the owed amount was from 1997! I had cashed out 2 savings bonds and I was paid more then they were worth.. so let’s get this strait, in order to get a $20k+ loan, I was required to drive to this bank and make a $47 payment!... to me, this just seems like a jerk move, it should have been written off years ago, and I never should have been responsible for their mistake to begin with.. even the tellers were surprised that an owed amount was that old.. People aren’t your toys, stop messing with them over some sick vendetta and call it “policy”

    Mike Smith
    April 04, 2021

    They're very easy to work with, they offer a lot of loan opportunitys, they have instant debit cards, if you loose, yours. They are a good bank to work with!

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