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    Katie Mullen
    April 30, 2024

    Beware!!! I paid them enough money to buy a brand new car only to have them withdraw from my case after almost two years when I only owed them $132. They were fine going forward until one day, they just weren’t and changed their entire attitude. I didn’t want them to represent me after that, who would? However; this is after they put a motion to withdraw a year before by MISTAKE and it took 5 business days, the week of Easter, for them to message me back that they made mistake and dropped the motion. You are mess when going through a divorce and they know that and take advantage of that. I got no further with them after a year and half then I was at the beginning of the divorce. You get “sweet” Myra telling you one thing in the office and then a completely different attorney, Erika in court. I lost a contempt of court case that I paid $3k for because Erika couldn’t/didn’t present the evidence correctly. When I questioned her about it, I was told too late to change the judges decision and redirected to another matter. With the office turn over rate as high as it is there; you know something isn’t right. You will be left traumatized all over again.

    Angie Kitko
    January 23, 2024

    We were so lucky to have Erika and Mayra help us navigate a legal issue with our daughter while she was at college 3 hours away. They made what could have been a very time consuming situation on our end super easy.

    Lynn Barteau
    April 07, 2024

    Words can not express the amount of dedication given by this firm. The whole process from start to finish is explained and the expectations are clear. We love them all and will never use anyone else.

    Dana Kay Goddard
    February 06, 2024

    If you are a woman/Mother (and/or the ‘SAFE PARENT’) in your case… know that this firm, specifically one of the partners, Erika Wentzel, is one of the worst presenting attorneys I have ever witnessed… I am not referring to her actual appearance, but the heftily billed legal services and shameful strategies that the biological Dad (former partner and traumatizing ABUSER) hired this firm to perform. Don’t let the female-owned firm fool you into believing that they are approaching our failing Family Courts system differently or in ways that better ensure the prioritization of CHILDREN and their BIRTHright to safety/wellbeing. The custody case in Jeff Co was the beginning of my experience with this firm, of which details will eventually be shared in the future… but I write this review NOW as I prepare to go and try again to obtain an OOP (Order of Protection) since she did everything in her power/position to ensure it was denied and yet the very real threat remains. The Victims Advocate who has seen no shortage of cases, specifically in the City of STL and in the courtroom of Judge Craig Higgins, said she had never seen such a flabbergasting example of how our capitalized courtroom continues to fail victims of violence and abuse. It felt just as atrocious sitting in the stand, unable to afford an attorney to be there, and realizing in real time, why America has had so much innocent bloodshed as slimy ‘professionals’ and senile Judges sign their expensive signatures, forget who the courtroom truly belongs to (citizens) and somehow sleep at night. Find an upright firm with integrity, not only will you feel better about the bill, but your choice for quality counsel will not only support your personal needs, but the much needed restoration of some basic human level decency/respect in OUR COURTROOMS.

    Nicholas Young
    May 15, 2024

    Can we look into giving negative stars? Avoid this used car lot of a firm. Got sold a lemon of an attorney that broke down immediately. Kept dumping money into it and the damn thing would never move. Seemed to overheat so much when near opposing counsel it would start leaking fluids. Gross. I want my money back. UPDATE: It seems that this predatory used car lot of a firm did not sign their own “bill of sale” when they sold me the worn out junker last year. Whoopsies lol

    Flesner Wentzel

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    820 S Main St #200, St Charles, MO 63301, USA

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