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    August 04, 2022

    I am blown away at how smoothly this all went and I credit a lot of that to your guidance and advice! Thank you for your insight, wisdom, understanding, professionalism, and support through this incredibly difficult time! You guys are amazing!!!

    Cassandra Ries
    July 28, 2022

    Horrible company. Was dealing with a custody issue and had to hire an attorney. Found them and wish i never did. Not only where they a waist of time, money and they lie to their clients. I thought 4 heads was better than one but all it did was make things worse for me and my family. Everything was going ok in the beginning until i noticed a few issues with them. One red flag was the first day i hired them they didnt show up to court. Instead my x gf lawyer came to me saying my lawyer on the phone with him "to the judge" and was asking for a continuances. They promised to fight and i got mislead. I was making one of my normal payments and ran into a issue and explained to them i might need to do a payment plan for that months bill. They agreed and i made my first payment of 200 dollars and was to pay 200 a week until 800 was reached. Now note the month prior i gave them 600 and the month before that 500 and prior to that month 1500 to get them on the case. After paying my first 200 a couple days later i was threaten with a motion to withdraw had the order in place and would only reverse the motion if i agreed to sign papers saying they will di future work which they wanted 1500 upfront again. Now out of me throwing them all of this money. They didnt help with anything besides charge me for them contacting me lol yes. If you call or speak to them on their website its costly. Then they will call you for something simple then bill you up to 800 or more. Even if you tried to refuse the call. They keep calling until someone pick up then guess what they charge you. During this mess they tried to say i was reading the message wrong. Once i ss the convo and showed her the catch 22 they out me in instead of sorry n fix this mess. They acted as if i was dumb and took it the wrong way then explained how Emily said it wrong. This company a mess and the lack of communication between the four will ruin cases. Save your money n find someone who will fight for you.

    T Love
    June 21, 2022

    Erika and Myra have fantastic personalities! But the entire time I paid them, they did absolutely nothing for me.

    Destiny Redmon
    December 14, 2021

    They do not respond to any inquires unless they have a full payment. For a single father trying to fight for his rights, they do not care. They take your money and leave you in the dust and then say you don't fill stuff out even though they do not upload files to your account for you to do. They delete your profile even though you've tried calling them to get the files done that THEY haven't uploaded. They will steal your money like the other NON FATHER attorneys in st Louis County. I feel bad for any father in that area. No one should suffer like this when it comes to attorneys that won't fight for their right. Oh and these people will leave you high and dry without telling you until the day before your court date. My friend tried contacting them to have them upload what they want but they never did after he gave them 500 to get stuff going but the receptionist was hateful about it and actually hung up on him. He had the money to pay but with them not wanting to help him out he didn't want to give him anymore money. This is the second law firm to not help him out after he tried numerous times contacting them and the receptionist telling him they will call back. Cordell and Cordell is not any better. To the owner who responded to this, just know I read what you said. He tried to get y'all to keep him but nothing was getting done for him and clearly was known that no one cared for his rights. Yes I also reviewed Cordell and Cordell, but if you look at them they have really bad ratings. He will not contact y'all but if you want to talk to him then go ahead, his name is Robert Bjelland.

    zee malik
    December 28, 2021

    Erika is the best attorney you can wish for, Flesner and Wentzel is the best legal counsel you can have on your side. They will fight for you like you are their own family, if you are going through these reviews to look for a attorney i promise this is it. Thank you Erika you are a hero.

    Flesner Wentzel

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