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    Jenny Shull
    October 20, 2023

    Scam! Do not trust these attorneys, and save your money. They are overpriced for the work they “complete”. They took over 4k from my friend within just 5 months and then withdrew from her case after sending her a bill for 5k that was due within 7 days. She asked for a payment plan, which they agreed to set up with her, but later denied. They even told her she could pay the 5k on a credit card as that’s what some other clients have had to do. They ultimately withdrew from her case within a week of sending her that bill, and now she is out 4k and has no one representing her case with the court date just a few weeks away. Obviously their communication is poor to begin with, and they clearly do not care about their clients. ABSOLUTE SCAM. To the worker/owner that replied to my review: 1) You said that my post includes inaccurate information. Okay please explain to me exactly what was inaccurate about my review. If you’re going to say that the information I publicly provided to your potential clients is inaccurate, then I would really hope you could give examples of what exactly was inaccurate. Since you failed to do so I’m going to assume that you are just trying to save face with that comment. 2) Of course it is no secret that your business requires financial compensation, that is not what I was saying. Although I do think it was ironic that you felt the need to mention that, but once again could not reply to the specific outrageous prices that you charged my friend. It’s also worthy of noting that your sign on contact NEVER mentioned anything about a 5k bill with only 7 days to pay it. 3) Thank you for clarifying that you are not a charity. Yes I read your previous replies to other unsatisfied customers where you recommended local charities to them. How thoughtful! As I previously mentioned in my review my friend was more than willing to cooperate with the payment plans your business offers but was denied that opportunity and then dropped as a client within a week of receiving that 5k bill. Once again, you have not replied to any specific information I have publicly mentioned in this review, and judging from your other replies you seem to insinuate that you have no interest in finding the source of all of these issues. From my point of view, your company tries so hard to make any blame that might fall onto your company from these bad reviews fall onto the hands of the abandoned clients instead. Lastly, judging from your previous replies and from the one you so kindly left me, you are a company that does not care for those struggling financially. Of course you are not a charity as you’ve mentioned before, but all I’d like to say is if you’re going to offer “financial payment plans”, MAYBE you could actually offer them instead of advising your clients into a poor credit score/taking out loans to pay your outrageous prices upfront.

    Rebecca Snarzyk
    July 05, 2023

    The Flesner Wentzel law firm was the best choice I made for my divorce. I got everything that I wanted. They didn't pay me to say any of these things. I'm surprised by some of the other 1 star reviews because I've had the opposite experience.They knew I didn't have a lot of money and made a payment plan for me that I could afford. They always gave me options based on cost and what outcome I would get from the choices I made. They told me to save up money for certain parts of the case as they wanted me to know what they would be charging me for later. They told me what rules I needed to follow for my divorce case. They made it easier to go through the process by telling me what I could expect from the whole process. I feel as though I got everything I paid for, and it was worth it. Good luck to anyone going through a divorce. You should do research of your options before hiring a lawyer because it is expensive no matter who you hire.

    Hayley Walton
    October 18, 2022

    They’re a complete joke! Especially Josie. Save your money find another law firm that will work for you. They’ll threaten to withdraw from your case a month after taking $1600 from you. You can’t let them know you don’t feel like they’re representing you the way we feel the should be or they’ll withdraw instead of asking you what you feel they could be doing to help your case. I don’t feel they actually looked into the stacks of paperwork my sister gave them. They won’t actually look into your situation and they’ll side with the other party. Reading more recent reviews I should have known better because those reviews are very similar to mine with paying thousands and not getting the service that was expected and threatening to withdraw very quickly. Josie only got her degree as an attorney a month ago and they’re all freaking clueless. I hired them for my sister because when she spoke with Mayara before we hired her, and my sister told her about the situation she said it was a case she would be able to handle and basically told my sister a bunch of lies. They also told us over the phone before hiring them that they wouldn’t charge us for emails and phone calls which was also a lie. We got charged for every email and every phone call! Should have recorded the original phone call. Won’t be paying them another penny! Crooks and should have their license removed

    Rob Martchink
    May 03, 2021

    I had the pleasure of using Erika Wentzel for my custody battle last year. She was amazing, as was the entire staff!! She was very professional and kept me in the loop through the entire process. She gave me all the information I'd need to be successful in my case. The online portal was easy to use as well. If you're looking for a solid attorney for family law, Flesner-Wentzel is the best!! Thank you for putting my daughter in a much safer environment!! We're happy to call you "Our Lawyer"!!

    Kevin V.
    October 24, 2019

    I have hired more than 5 attorneys in my lifetime Erika and her team at Flesner Wentzel are very hard working and dedicated to their clients. Erika listened to my case, did her research, and presented me with several options, my case went to court and the judge ruled in my favor. Erika is a quick thinker with a vast knowledge of the law, she puts in long hours at work, and she has access to reliable references within the legal community. Bottom line: I found that hiring Flesner Wentzel was a good decision.

    Flesner Wentzel

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