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    Jeff Turner
    March 14, 2023

    Note: This review applies to service received after H&S Tire and Automotive changed ownership in Sept 2021. My daughter experienced a momentary issue where all the dashboard warning lights came on and the heater blower stopped; then suddenly returned to normal. Out of caution, I took the car to H&S where we’d gone for years to have them check it out. The manager said they checked the battery, alternator, starter…etc. and found NO problem. They didn’t charge me anything, for which I was grateful. However, within minutes of driving time after picking the vehicle up, it caught fire resulting in $663.81 of damage to the engine compartment. The St. Charles Co Fire Dept asked if we’d recently had the car worked on and said whoever worked on it didn’t secure the battery properly and the tiedown shorted against the battery post causing the fire which is documented in the official fire report. I contacted the manager at H&S who denied any responsibility by stating they didn’t remove the battery and blamed it on the last person that replaced the battery. Then I contacted the new owner who also denied any responsibility. He said they had no cameras in the shop area so he can’t confirm what they did or didn’t do. When I told him I’d been coming to H&S for years and never had a problem until now, he feigned outrage for the perceived insult and abruptly hung up on me. This battery had been replaced by Sam’s more than 16 months earlier (and several thousand miles driving later). It is absurd to think that a loose tie-down from more than 16 months earlier would just now show up within minutes of driving after H&S specifically checked the battery and electrical system out. Even if I give H&S the benefit of the doubt, they should have noticed the improperly secured tie-down bar during their troubleshooting/ diagnostics and secured it as a potential problem, but did not. I requested reimbursement for the damages from H&S but they continue to deny any responsibility. [3/13/23 Response to H & S] Your words appear understanding in this public forum, but in private it's a different tone. My opinion about the decline in service quality after the ownership change was an observation I made based on my experience of nearly 17 years going to H & S. I hadn't said anything because I didn't think it warranted a complaint -- things like not having the vehicle ready the same day as promised or not calling me when it was ready -- while inconvenient, I overlooked it. But after I mentioned it to you, you didn't even care to find out what the issues were. Now why wouldn't a business want to know? To me, it means they don't really care. You just wanted to shut me down so you didn't have to reimburse me for any damages. But this was a serious incident that could not be ignored -- a fire in my daughter's car that started with the very system H & S had inspected and determined no problem less than 3 hours earlier. I am just thankful my daughters were not injured. This is all about standing behind your work and taking responsibility for it...even when your feelings are hurt. Now that you’ve sacrificed a long- time customer and self-declared the issue closed, my purpose in writing a review is to inform other consumers of the possible risk in doing business with H & S (since the majority of reviews are relative to the previous owner). I hope you'll change your approach in dealing with customer issues in the future.

    Lauren Michely
    September 14, 2023

    UPDATE: They failed my vehicles safety INCORRECTLY...listed an incorrect part as what was failing...they noted they took off the front left tire and my "Sealed Wheel bearing hub assembly exceeded manufacturer wear" - upon a ton of research and making calls to the dealership my car does not have a sealed wheel bearing hub assembly on the front of my car (I does on the rear but not the front. On the front I have a Hub Bearing KIT aka a pressed hub bearing according to the dealership.) I ended up purchasing the part and tool expecting to have to make the repairs and when the person that was going to do the work was checking on it they discovered none of my bearings were bad (they checked all 4 wheels just to be safe) We waited until Tuesday and my cousin took it to a shop that ONLY does inspections no additional car work and wouldn't you know it my vehicle passed inspection (WITH NO REPAIRS BEING DONE) just like the mechanic (my uncle) that looked at it over the weekend said would happen (and to the jerk that implied my mechanic doesnt know saftey regulations by asking if hes a certified inspector...my uncle has been working on cars all of his life probably longer than you have been alive...and he used to build race cars he knows what will pass or fail safety) To top it off before you say it was overlooked by the other place my car was taken my cousin specifically requested that the bearings be checked just to make sure and he specifically mentioned your failed safetly and the other inspector determined none of my bearings were bad or exceeded recommended wear. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND MONEY IF YOU NEED AN INSPECTION GO SOMEWHERE THAT WONT LIE TO YOU TO EARN A BUCK worst part was when I called them to even ask what they had seen the person that answered the phone said he didn't know what the inspector saw and that he only writes down what they tell him. So the inspector didn't even write the issue down himself. If you do choose to go here good luck and hopefully they don't cheat you and try to steal ur money like they tried to do to my husband. ******************************************* Original post: They failed my vehicles safety inspection told my husband a rough estimate.....I had another machinic look at the part they claimed it failed for and the mechanic determined there was nothing wrong with the part....I'm not sure if they crossed my safety with another vehicles safety inspection or what but it definitely caused an entire headache of a weekend for me

    Arielle Ford
    April 25, 2023

    I live five minutes from here and I’m so thankful to have such a good repair shop so close. Ryan gave me honest answers and options as far as what was necessity and what could wait if my pockets wouldn’t allow it. I love the honesty and also how they figured out what was actually wrong w my truck specifically and how to fix it. If it’s trickier to figure out, Ryan will definitely get to the bottom of it one way or another. From now on, this is my go to auto repair shop ! Very reasonably priced and they don’t try to run game on you just because you’re a female either which is another plus I meant to point out. They don’t have grumpy attitudes at the front desk and are very friendly unlike a lot of other places lol Makes me want to keep doing business with them and like I can trust them. I haven’t found an auto repair establishment since I moved far away from my last one and I’m so happy I gave this one a try.

    Kate Richardson
    July 12, 2023

    I first used them last year when I wrecked my car and they were on the preferred AAA list to get my car towed to. Great group of guys... I've never spoken to anyone that wasn't incredibly nice. I don't feel like I'm being ripped off or lied to. Just picked my car up from getting an oil change and emissions. Way cheaper than going to Valvoline. Repeat customer for sure!

    Manos Stergen
    July 15, 2023

    Ryan is helpful and assisted me in selecting new tires. He was able to assist me with other services for my Jeep as well. He even assisted me with learning about businesses that could perform services on my Jeep that H & S cannot. His integrity is top notch!

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