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    Susan Wampler
    October 20, 2023

    I am shocked because I wrote a review for the salon and my experience, and it is no longer on here! I will say that my money was refunded, but I also wanted to share my experience. I was not happy whatsoever with the hair color that I was given because it wasn’t what I had asked for. My salon stylus name was Lindsay . She seemed very anxious when I went to leave to get to her next appointment. I hope they do not take down this review… I find it very shocking that they took down the other one as that is not a way to do business, or a way to improve, as I said they gave me my money back however, who would not prefer to have their hair done the color that they actually request instead of just getting their money back?

    July 15, 2023

    I am very picky about my hair and for me to find someone that can cut my hair the way I want is very difficult due to me having extremely curly hair. I started going to Leigh Mason back in 2018 if my memory is correct. I had long hair and decided to have it cut short. I was very pleased with the results. I returned to Leigh Mason many times afterward. I had moved, so I was not able to return to O’Fallon as often as I liked to have my haircut again, so I in turn let it grow back out to a long length. I have since moved back to O’Fallon and decided to go ahead and return to Leigh Mason for another short cut. I was seeing Jamie and she did an excellent job the first few times after my return. My last visit was in April of this year and I don’t understand what went wrong. I asked for the same cut and the same color. I kept showing the same picture every time I came in of what I wanted and the first few times it turned out great. The price never seemed to be the same, but I just assumed the price had just gone up. When I looked in the mirror after she was finished with my hair, I noticed a difference in the color on top. She stated that she had added a little purple to the top, which actually should have been silver. I couldn’t tell by the lighting exactly what she meant, but I accepted it. The price for the toner on the top of my hair, as well as the color underneath, which is a dark purple along with the cut and style cost me $178. Of course, I tipped her so it cost me well over $200. When I walked into my mothers house, she asked me immediately why my hair looked brown on top and not silver. When I looked in the mirror, I was horrified. This was not what I asked for. I called the shop and asked for Jamie, but they said she had already left. I finally received a phone call back from her a day or two later. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly when it was that she returned my call. When I told her what my hair looks like, she said that the toner may have “mucked up” in my hair and that she could repair it but it would cost me an additional $130. Wow! Seriously??? I asked her why so much since I had already paid $178 and she informed me that she was giving me a break because she knew that I was only receiving disability benefits and she was trying to save me money but she had to charge me another $130 because of, and I quote, “ it was due to inflation that I had to be charged another $130 because the price of everything has gone up.” I have never heard of such a thing when it comes to getting my hair done that because of inflation I now have to pay for someone else’s mistake. I will never return to that salon again!!! I have showed the photos of what happened to my hair to many many people that I know and they said they will never step foot in that salon. I tried to contact someone via email and asked them to get back with me and I would explain in detail why I would never return. I have yet to hear from anyone.

    Lauren Carroll
    August 25, 2021

    Salon was dirty. Hair dryers had old hair stuck to the back vents. The stylist carried on conversations with her co workers and their clients instead of her own client. Color was done well. Hair cut was not the best, uneven cut and did not verify satisfaction with the cut. When leaving, the stylist walked me to the front to pay and left without saying a word. Front desk didn't even attempt to book another appointment. Will not return.

    Peejay Garcia
    December 27, 2017

    A professional staff who really know their stuff. I was a little nervous going in the first time because the owner, Jessica, was to be my stylist and she is one of the more well known stylists in the city. Boy she did not disappoint. I had never been to a high end salon like hers before but she was quite humble, made me feel comfortable, and was very knowledgeable. I was in the hands of a master. I told her a few things about what I wanted and she took off from there. I was very pleased with the result. My hair looked fantastic and I felt confident when I stepped out. Thank you!

    brenda Kelley
    July 23, 2019

    I went to this place to get a haircut and some color. My first impression was good since the front desk people were very polite and professional. I scheduled my appointment with an elite hairstylist and the first question I expected her to ask was, when was the last time you got a haircut? (Important and typical question most professional hairstylist ask) Well, that was something she never asked. I tried to start a conversation with her and tell her twice when was the last time I got a haircut but she immediately cut me off. She asked what I wanted to do with my hair, I told her a haircut and some color before I could say anything else she cut off the conversation again. I showed her a picture of exactly what I wanted to do with my hair and got nothing of that. The way she put the color on my hair or highlights were not even close to what I showed her. For my haircut, I asked for layers but she never asked how many layers? Or how long I wanted the shortest layer? I pay over $180 including a discount for first time customers. Definitely not worth it and a waste of my time and money. On top of that I had to deal with the cigarette smell from her smoking for the last portion of the appointment. I picked an elite hairstylist expecting her to know what she was doing but she was obviously not in a mud to do her job or she didn’t care about was she was doing. It was a very disappointing experience, now I have to find a different place to go get my hair fix.

    Leigh Mason Salon

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