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    Sarah M
    December 24, 2022

    Had a great experience taking my son here (he had strep throat) after attempting a second (and last) visit at SSM Express Clinic. The lobby is big and clean. Front office staff and medical professionals were friendly and attentive. The whole visit start to finish was very quick. Couldn't ask for better, especially when you have a little one not feeling well.

    Mrs Jillian
    November 06, 2022

    Was told one thing completely different from what was said to me in the office in the paperwork sent home to us about what my son had wrong with him. Very concerning. And whole neighborhood agreed. Dr said nothing wrong with the hand and to use his hand that's causing him Immense pain and cannot move as is/ wants and is now crying in pain. Who says that to a kid on the spectrum which DR forknew. Had no clue what HEDS/HSD Ehlers-danlos syndrome type lll is and tested my son for vascular Ehlers-danlos not understanding what it is and just assuming. I'm getting really concerned with the way the medical industry at this point is going. Nurse Practitioners, no real doctors, training on basic things having to send everyone to specialist and nothing gets connected nobody looks at the body as a whole is like going back to the Ice ages. My childhood family Dr could glance and see most problems without testing, would run test later to confirm it. Highly suggest Doctor's, and nurses read a few books on different types of Ehlers-danlos syndrome. Hope you all will gain a love for knowledge and medical scientific research and Hypothesis because that's where great medical knowledge comes from. Researching yourselves in your free time. Because you care and love knowledge. Knowledge is powerful and you obviously can handle learning you did go to medical school. Learning in the medical field never ends.

    Ashli R
    December 13, 2022

    So, initially I thought it was just Mercy Pediatrics out here that was bad - but I was proven wrong. We've now removed my family entirely from the Mercy Network due to these events. We took our daughter to urgent care to be seen, after she was refused at the pediatric office due to someone erroneously setting her up for a new patient visit on the wrong day (when we weren't even in this state). They asked for our insurance up front, which I provided. The front desk woman demanded a card for payment - which you do not have to do (in fact, DONT - because I did before and they double charged me and it took over a month to get my refund) so when I declined setting up this auto pay service she had an attitude about it. Then apparently she decided not to run our insurance, so I had to call today and redo everything with an agent and its going to be up to 45 days before its resolved. Just steer clear of these people if you want things done right. They're a corporation - not a healthcare community.

    Amanda Federhofer
    September 20, 2022

    I've been going to this location with my children, they have always done wonderful, yesterday I received a negative test, they told me in 3-5 days they could give me meds after it was sent out. UNBELIEVABLE not caring to listen this time,disappointed in new staff. Went to a different place and tested for 3 things, found out in 30 min not 3-5 days.

    tilio balassi
    June 16, 2022

    Worst urgent care I’ve ever visited. Came in with my daughter to get a prescription for an inhaler refill. They refused to see us and told us to go to the ER, even though my daughter was not in distress. The ER doctor questioned why we came there and even called the urgent care to complain. I believe the staff at this urgent care just wants to collect a pay check without doing any work. It was close to lunch break and I think she didn’t want to see anyone else. It ended up costing me $200 more in copay than it should have. All because of laziness on urgent care staff. Will never be back and will definitely tell others to find a different urgent care.

    Our Urgent Care

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    1111 W Pearce Blvd, Wentzville, MO 63385, USA

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