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Karen Vanhoose
March 02, 2021

I would like to thank Pittman funeral home on behalf of all the VanHoose family! As always Eric you are awesome and we really appreciate the compassion that you gave us! There is no way to fully express our gratitude to you and your staff , you guys have been awesome! Thank you once again!!!!

John Bertram
November 14, 2020

My friend and neighbor passed yesterday peacefully (11/13/2020). After her family and friends gathered in honor of her...The Pitman attendants, with good honor and respect, attended her families need very late in the evening...The removal and care was extremely formal. In another note...2 years ago last week I was struck by a vehicle while walking my grand puppy...he did not survive. I spent several weeks incapacitated...yet the good folks at Pitman took care of my grand puppy at $0 cost, understanding I'd lost my grand puppy's owner, my son, just 3 months prior. It's well to know that there are businesses that attend to the needs of those in need. God's peace.

Lou L
April 01, 2021

I have mixed feelings about this place. They did a great job with the services and the transportation to the cemetry for both of my parents and i'm thankful for that. But my disappointment with them is following through with getting the Military footmarket for my father when he past away in 2017. I called multiple times asking how things were coming along and they told me things that they thought I would want to hear about how things were processing. Come to find out THREE AND HALF YEARS LATER, they never even filed for this footmarker. I found this out, because I called the Department of Veterans Affairs for information on the footmarker. I was told by Veterans Affair that no one even filed to have one done. I finally got the order put in and now I have to have another funeral home go and place it at the cemetry. This second funeral home is now being paid out of my pocket. Pitman's was already paid, for this in the contract we had when we did the funeral charges. I just feel like they didn't care enough to follow through with once the funeral service over and done.

Stephen Combs
September 01, 2020

This funeral home is actively trying to create new customers. I went to the viewing for my grandfather last night. Not only were they not requiring masks for the guests, which was bad enough, but none of their employees were wearing masks either. People are grieving. It's a bad situation. Which is why it's on the funeral home to at the very least make the attempt to get people to wear masks & definitely lead by example by wearing them. This place can burn to the ground for all I care b/c they're going to have a major spreading event.

May 22, 2020

After sitting down and choosing an urn for my dog to be memorialized in, upon pick-up I received a cardboard box with my dogs ashes inside. Nobody could say how it got messed up. My receipt showed everything was paid for. I went through an entire phone call, explaining what happened a second time, and was told I’d be refunded for the urn. Only after I brought up that I had not heard any apology over what happened, did the woman on the phone say “well I’m sorry for the mixup”. I figured a funeral home would understand compassion and empathy but I felt none.

Pitman Funeral Home

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1545 Wentzville Pkwy, Wentzville, MO 63385, USA

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