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    Rambo Barbie
    June 03, 2022

    Everyone was really nice. They were low on merchandise but I found stuff I wanted with no problem. A Babyliss blow dryer for $22.99. MK t-shirt oh yeah, casual jewelry. Quality stuff cheap

    Sarah O'Daniel
    March 18, 2022

    Honestly very disappointed in how unprofessional the two employees working tonight treated customers. We walked in over a half hour before closing time, and were immediately greeted with an announcement over the loud speaker that they would be closing in 30 minutes, and to please bring up any final purchases. Having worked in retail for a majority of my younger years, I am very well familiar with the fact that you do not close until the last customer leaves, not that I would ever stay past close. We continued to shop, but then 10 minutes later, the same employee came across the speaker again and said "we are closing in 20 minutes, bring all of your purchases up to the front to be checked out. ... Please bring all of your purchases to the front... We would be more than happy to check you out right now. More than happy." I then heard laughing among the employees and heard someone in the store say "that means get your a**es out." We began to make our final selections and started to walk to the front, and made one final stop by the shoes, where the same employee came over and loudly told us we only had 10 more minutes. We told her okay. She then walked over to the other employee at the register and snickered, got on the speaker again, and began to once again make the announcement, but was laughing too much to finish. She apologized and tried again, and said they were closing in 10 minutes, and the registers would close at exactly 10 o'clock. We got in line behind the only other group of people in the store. We checked out with no issue, but as we were, a woman walked in. The employee informed her they were closing in 2 minutes which I do understand. What I do not understand is telling her fellow employee in front of customers that if the woman wasn't at the register in exactly 2 minutes, she would kick her out. A little compassion goes a long way, and it's important to understand that if you are open until 10, that means you are open until 10, not 9:30, and it's perfectly reasonable to expect customers to shop within that last half hour, not make their final purchase 30 minutes before you close just because you don't feel like working. Side note if you're interested- we went into Home Goods at the end of the complex 30 minutes before they closed as well. We were able to shop and make our purchases with about 5 minutes before they closed, and as we left, the manager bid us farewell with a big smile, thanked us for coming in and welcomed us back soon. It was very nice and we will definitely be visiting there again.

    August 15, 2022

    The store associates are very friendly. I only complain is that you have to watch the items you purchased here or some of them have flaws. I return two items one was due to a piece missing on the cuffs of the pants. Another one was returned because the shirt was stitched wrong. I did purchase two other items which seem to be okay. I didn't realize they would sell products that had flaws that were very visible.

    Craig Higginbotham
    June 14, 2022

    We were shopping and the associate (who clearly wanted to get out of there rapidly) came around to everyone that was shopping and said " I hate to be that person but we're closing". It was exactly 8:45pm and the store closed at 9pm. We ship at Ross's often and are well aware of the time that the store closes. Most stores make a PA announcement and that usually does the trick but the snarky tone of this employee clearly meant " get the hell out so I can leave". All 20+ customers wrapped up their shopping (most just walked out in disgust) and all because of some needy employee. She was rude and cost Ross a chunk of last minute cash. It's a good thing that I can shop elsewhere because I think I will.

    Barb & Tom DeClue
    June 16, 2022

    I found a dress gown for my son's wedding, fancy enough and cheap enough. Dressing rooms not enough, and in bad shape. But good clothes.

    Ross Dress for Less

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    1275 W Pearce Blvd, Wentzville, MO 63385, USA

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