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    Francois RR
    April 27, 2024

    They over charge employees for $2 that give them 5 years of their time only to have that charge not be refunded and ruin said employee’s credit. If they treat employees like this imagine how customers get treated.

    Ally Marie
    January 27, 2021

    Literally the worst Sally’s experience I have had in years. I went in around 4pm on Saturday, January 23rd on the hunt for a good hair dye for a specific color I was trying to achieve. When I entered the store, I noticed there was no staff around, which wasn’t a huge deal initially; it seemed like it was a slow day and maybe they’re grabbing some stock from the back or using the restroom? A few minutes after entering the store, an employee came out from the back and seemed surprised I was in the store and asked me the typical, “How are you, how can I help you,” questions. I said that I’m on the hunt for a good pink hair dye and debating on which brand to use. She said, “Okay, well let me know if you need help with anything,” and went right back into the back??? I’m not sure if she misunderstood me, but I was definitely looking for some recommendations. Whatever, I finished picking out some dye and a couple other color maintenance items, and saw a bundle of masks on a hook for a wicked deal, so added that to my purchases. I go to the front to pay for my items, and there is still no one monitoring the floor, let alone at the register. I say out loud several times that I am ready to check out, each time getting progressively louder. Finally after waiting around for about 5 minutes, a different rep comes from the back and asks me if I’m ready to check out, and finally we get to checking out. She rings up my items and the masks come up as $8.99 when the hook they were hanging on was labeled $2.49? I asked her about that and even showed her where they were marked for $2.49 and she says that they were put there to fill the empty space and proceeds to ask if I still want them. I needed them for work, so I said yes, but also asked her why they didn’t remark the labels since that’s extremely misleading and she just kind of dismissed my question and tried to get me to sign up for their credit card. They had a bunch of plastic bags on their bag hooks, but made me pay for a paper bag which was only $0.15, but it just made no sense to me because she waited until after my total to add this on. I feel like that’s something you should disclose to your customers up front so they can be aware that Sally’s is trying to squeeze any penny they can out of people. At this point, I’m a bit baffled because I’ve worked in retail for well over 5 years and this was probably one of the most ridiculous shopping experiences I have ever had. I’ve managed small stores on my own in the past and it just kind of cracked me up that these two employees were both in the back almost the entire time I was in the store. I’m unaware of what they were doing in the back, and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was due to them processing freight or preparing new promos that could be going out, but even then, it takes 2 seconds to pop out every few minutes and check in on your customer. I could have walked out with merchandise in hand and they probably wouldn’t have noticed. Hopefully no one else has this experience at this store, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this has happened or will happen to others. Too Long, Don’t Read: I went in looking for hair dye, and employees were completely MIA and honestly horrible with their customer service skills.

    Drip Is It My Turn Bayless
    April 07, 2023

    That Sydney girl was super helpful. Friendly staff and overall experience. 10/10 recommend if you need some good beauty supplies!

    Meghan Tyler
    March 12, 2019

    I went in to get advice and supplies to fix a hair coloring mishap. The associate, Amanda, was wonderful! Knew her stuff, took time to explain, and even wrote down a full page of instructions to help me. As a customer service professional, I left happy and well informed. Some of the other staff seems to be less knowledgeable, however, they were very nice and willing to try to help. If your looking for help and advice, Amanda is your person!

    Jose Lardizabal
    May 20, 2020

    I went to this store earlier this year. I didn't know they had a branch here. I normally go to the one in St. Charles. Like with the St. Charles branch, I told them I needed some beard wax... By telling them that I wanted to look like I picked up women and tied them to the railroad tracks. They assumed I wanted to wax my beard off my face but then I clarified by literally twirling my mustache in the store and they managed to help me get my current jar of beard wax. 5/5 would twirl mustache again.

    Sally Beauty

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    6207 Mid Rivers Mall Dr, St Peters, MO 63304, USA

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