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21 Meadow Cir Dr #322, Lake St Louis, MO 63367, USA

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    Donna Massey
    April 10, 2024

    I've been taking my dog here for about 3 years. I took him in today and asked to have him bathed and his anal glands taken care of. Prior to the appointment I asked how much it costs for the glands and was told $7. My husband picked our dog up and the bill was $72.00....before the tip. Of course I called them back. They confirmed that the bath alone was $60. Just a BATH, no nail clipping, no hair cut. After 3 years I WILL NEVER BE BACK

    Kathy Brackett
    February 25, 2024

    I've been taking my dog here since he was a puppy. This last year the service has been horrible. When we would pick our fur baby up we would seem to notice a nip or small rash. I brushed it off but then we noticed how terrified he would act when we dropped him off, again we brushed it off as him not liking a bath. Then we asked for him to be shaved since it was summer & he was so hot but when I picked him up he was still very fluffy. I was pretty upset about this because I was very specific when I dropped him off. I made sure to be since they had cut him wrong the previous 2 times. The owner was rude & argued with me. She then sd "well what do u want me to do about it then"". I wanted him cut right! She offered not to redo the cut but a 10% discount. Going against my better judgment I took him back 1 more time. I was afraid of causing my dog anymore emotional distress since he hated it so much. Once again I stressed him be shaved. This time they did shave him, & cut all the hair off his tail which it's supposed to be long but I bit my tongue. When we got home I started noticing big rashes where they burned him with the clippers. One had dried blood all over it so naturally I called. The owner very sternly asked me what did I expect since I asked for a shave. I expected professionalism& my dog not harmed!!! I then asked how they could do that & not bother telling us he had been injured. SHE started yelling at me (I had kept my voice calm & temper in check the entire conversation). When I told her she needed to calm down & lower her voice she hung up on me. I called back but she refused to answer. I'm with the person above who stated they wouldn't take a stray dog there!! Horrible place! Horrible owners! UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO THE OWNER: Congratulations you responded back to a review that was left 8 yrs ago. You may have redacted your response but I think everyone should see what kind of business owner you actually are. Btw, our dog passed away 2 years ago so thanks for bringing up painful memories.

    Alan Fath
    September 01, 2022

    I get my dog's nails trimmed here about once or twice a month. They are always nice and quick. The best part are the treats my dog receives when he is done.

    Elizabeth Tierney
    February 03, 2022

    If I could give a 0 I would. I started bringing my dogs here in 2012. I recommend them to many people because they had always done such a good job. Thing have changed significantly. I am a little late in posting my review because I felt bad posting a negative review on a small business, thinking/hoping maybe my experience after years of being there was just a one off. Now that I am seeing others post I feel the need to share my experience. I cannot help but think that had I done it sooner, the woman who lost her dog after a traumatic experience may have read it and decided against bringing her dog to Sebastian’s. Between my mom and I we had 4 dogs that were groomed at Sebastian’s. I had been bringing one of my dogs since he was a puppy. Everything there was great until he was 3. After an appointment I was informed he was a little difficult during his grooming. I took their suggestion of calming treats before his appointments and continued bringing him in for grooming, never to hear anything about it again…until I got a phone call from his last appointment there. They told me he was being very difficult. After the call the conclusion was I would come up and see if my presence there would help calm him. My mom and I arrived and he was panicked, panting and the whites of his eyes were red. I should have just called it off right there but unfortunately I decided to see if holding him would help. After a few minutes he started to freak out to the point that he almost choked himself. I immediately said okay let’s stop. At that moment Lonnie came out from the back yelling “enough we’re not going to hurt the dog” to which I agreed because I had clearly just said let’s stop. Things escalated quickly. Lonnie began aggressively screaming “don’t ever bring him back.” He told me that my dog had bit him previously but “he never told us.” He continued aggressively yelling while I tried o diffuse the situation, but at this point I was on the verge of tears and my mom tried to reason with him. I went to pay and was still charged full price for a cut and a bath that didn’t happen. The groomer apologized and kept telling Lonnie to stop. The front desk girl apologized while Lonnie just continued to yell at my mom…who at this point was also now in tears. We left and never came back. My dog ended up at the vet the next day and on antibiotics because of the cuts all over his body..including one across his butt (not pictured). Unfortunately my mom and I being aggressively yelled at wasn’t the worst part of what happened - this experience completely changed my dog. A once happy puppy now suffers from extreme anxiety, can no longer be groomed by a professional, freaks out and growls if anyone touches his front paws, and is extremely fearful of males. So please to anyone reading this review that still takes their dogs here or is thinking about taking there dogs here…do not. There are better places out there where the owner will not verbally assault you and cause irreparable trauma that may change your pet’s personality forever.

    grant habedank
    April 09, 2024

    Terrible customer service. If you take your animals here I pray for their safety. A worker has come out and yelled at me before I had a chance to get out my car. She was aggressive and rude. If you care about your animal’s safety. FIND ANOTHER PET SALOON. Terrible workers with terrible attitudes

    Sebastien’s Pet Salon

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    21 Meadow Cir Dr #322, Lake St Louis, MO 63367, USA

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