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    Cassandra Hopkins
    March 25, 2024

    Been going to this gym for about 4 months now. I signed up originally a year ago and never went but was stuck in a year long contract, which I was pretty upset about. I signed up online and was never under the impression that there was any contract, all other gyms I had been too were month to month, hence the 4 stars. However, since I’ve been going I can say that the facility is always kept very clean. It’s quite expensive but the amenities, in my opinion, make the price very reasonable. I love the women’s only section, tanning/massage, and the cinema. The people working are always very friendly as well.

    Kyle St. Jean (KyleTheDev)
    March 01, 2024

    Do not go here. This is your warning. This gym will sign you up on a contract and make it sound as if you can cancel the g n get you want. You can't. They use a 3rd party company to handle financials, and what this 3rd party does is send you to many other processes in order to cancel your membership. I called the club to cancel and they told me to call the financial company. I called the financial company and after 35 minutes of talking to the guy, they told me I just need to email a specific email with my agreement ID. Before finally acknowledging my request to cancel. In the meantime, part of their cancellation policy is to continue charging you for any upcoming charges they decide. They just start charging you extra stuff anytime they feel like it and call them. Things like enhancement fees. Nothing is actually going to transpire within the club to make the experience enhanced, but they will sure charge you anytime they want to with hidden fees, which happened more often than just your regular gym payment. This company is predatory and makes it almost impossible to cancel your membership, because they want you to say it's not worth the frustration and just keep paying them money. The edge fitness is effectively a scam and unless you plan on being a gym member for the rest of your life as well as accepting that your $20 a month fee is actually going to end up being more like 30 to $40 a month. Given the random fees they will chuck in there, then. This is just a scam and you shouldn't go here.

    Amrit Lall
    February 20, 2024

    FYI, this is going to be a long review. I've been going to this edge fitness since January 2020. Here's what I've noticed that they do great and what they need to improve on. The good: they have a ton of treadmills, a big free weight section, plenty of bench presses, four squat racks, a large studio, a women's section, clean men's locker room. Waiting for a bench to open up in the free weight section is not a long wait. I've never seen the men's sauna broken down so far. They have a moderate sized turf plenty of yoga mats and kettlebells. I cannot comment on their children's area since I do not have any kids. The bad: The chest supported row machine has been broken down since July of 2023. It is currently February 2024. I've seen other machines broken down and fixed but they tend to take weeks for fixing. The turf stinks. I've never seen it cleaned once since I've been there and I tend to stay pretty late at times. They run out of clean wipes pretty quickly, especially by peak hours. There could be a long wait time, especially during peak hours for the calf raise machine, the cable fly machine, the Smith machines which they only have two of, and the chest supported row machine when it's not broken. There was a time where they had started yoga classes in the evenings but there were no show times online or on the edge app so I would get to the studio to practice and I would have to drive to the edge at St. Ann, instead of sitting around for over an hour waiting for the yoga class to end. After about a month, they finally added the yoga class times online. Cancellation: I never had to deal with canceling my membership here; I'm not sure how difficult that would be in the future with edge, but I've had trouble with club fitness years ago in which I had to claim my credit card was stolen just so that club fitness did not have the ability to charge me anymore after canceling. If you're having the same problem with edge, this might help you out. Recommendations: for members, just come prepared with a backup exercise in case your preferred machine is broken. For edge, I recommend that they have more stations for clean wipes, especially during peak hours. Clean the turf or change the method of cleaning the turf because it stinks! If fixing a workout machine takes months it might be better to replace it all together, especially if it's the only one of that kind for the gym. Add some more Smith machines and another calf raise machine. Verdict: it's a pretty good gym, I'm not going to lie. They do need to make some improvements and change some methods, but I am overall satisfied.

    Jennings R.
    February 05, 2024

    You get what you pay for. For $10.78 a month (plus $55 a year) it's worth it for casual gym goers. They have tons of treadmills, multiple benches, and most all equipment works. The staff is friendly and it's a relaxed environment outside of peak hours. Their water bottle machine was broken for months but that is fixed and was the worst thing I could say. Would recommend

    Brooklyn Queen
    January 26, 2024

    There is never a manager around. Their website does not provide a way to address concerns. If you go to an employee to address concerns they look at you like you are crazy. They dismiss whatever the concern is and nothing ever changes. There is no water pressure in the showers. Only one shower works. The wood inside the sauna is black with all the dirt of the shoes because everyone goes inside the sauna with shoes on. This is not enforced. The water fountain area is always dirty. The music is extremely loud. When addressing the loudness of the music, an employee told me that it was not loud. I can hear several members complaining about the loud music. I am not the only one. Music is great for exercising but no need for the additional level of volume especially if one is trying to listen to their own music on headphones. I remember when members were without water because the water fountain was broken for over 4 months. When asking about it, I was always told that they were waiting for a part. Why does it take so long to get a part? We live in Missouri not on a third world country. I wondered. I know that they can do better. This is a great facility in a great area. They just have no interest in adjusting the few member’s complaints. Once they get members to sign a one year contract who care about making this gym one that we can enjoy. Please provide a phone number on your website for corporate. They need to know what goes on.

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