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4025 Veteran's Memorial Pkwy, St Peters, MO 63376, USA

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    Steven Kornfeld
    September 29, 2023

    I want to love this gym, I really do. And if all you want to know is if it is better than surrounding Club Fitnesses, it is. But Edge has a significant issue that has bugged me since I joined in May, and odds are it will affect you too at some point. Let me start with the good. The amenities are impressive. I really like how spacious and logically arranged the main gym floor is. There is a wide variety of equipment, including items often missing from Club Fitness, specifically the seated barbell shoulder press and seated preacher curls. Their Matrix treadmills are so cool, I may purchase one myself for home use. They also have not one but two (!) seated chest fly stations that are very popular, especially on Monday Chest Days. While it gets crowded during rush hour, I rarely find myself needing to wait for anything. People are respectful to each other, and most everyone I've seen wipes down the equipment as they are supposed to. The added perk of frequent free preworkout shots is very generous. The men's locker room is the largest and most well kept I've ever seen. The sauna always seems to be on, working, and the hottest I've experienced. While I have not used the Cardio Cinema, I'm impressed by how many brand new movies they advertise showing. Good choices, corporate! Despite all this, however, the biggest thing holding this gym back, and the biggest problem for me, is the length of time it takes to replace broken equipment. Machines will sit broken with signs on them for weeks, if not months. I've sent occasional emails reporting additional problems (as directed on the equipment itself) and asking the status of repairs, but they have been largely unresponsive. And unfortunately, the list of broken or unsafe items only appears to be growing as everything ages and shows more wear. Sharp edges on bench seats or arm pads can cut or injure bare skin. For several weeks, I had to place a towel over the preacher curling station to avoid cutting myself. These should not be the "edges" for which The Edge is known. I don't presume to know what all is involved with equipment replacement or repair, but I just don't see why it takes so long. Club Fitness was not perfect either, but I never felt their response time to be this noticeable and unreasonable. If you guys can turn this around, you will truly be the best gym in the St. Louis area, and I'll adjust my review as such.

    Jennings R.
    February 05, 2024

    You get what you pay for. For $10.78 a month (plus $55 a year) it's worth it for casual gym goers. They have tons of treadmills, multiple benches, and most all equipment works. The staff is friendly and it's a relaxed environment outside of peak hours. Their water bottle machine was broken for months but that is fixed and was the worst thing I could say. Would recommend

    Brooklyn Queen
    January 26, 2024

    There is never a manager around. Their website does not provide a way to address concerns. If you go to an employee to address concerns they look at you like you are crazy. They dismiss whatever the concern is and nothing ever changes. There is no water pressure in the showers. Only one shower works. The wood inside the sauna is black with all the dirt of the shoes because everyone goes inside the sauna with shoes on. This is not enforced. The water fountain area is always dirty. The music is extremely loud. When addressing the loudness of the music, an employee told me that it was not loud. I can hear several members complaining about the loud music. I am not the only one. Music is great for exercising but no need for the additional level of volume especially if one is trying to listen to their own music on headphones. I remember when members were without water because the water fountain was broken for over 4 months. When asking about it, I was always told that they were waiting for a part. Why does it take so long to get a part? We live in Missouri not on a third world country. I wondered. I know that they can do better. This is a great facility in a great area. They just have no interest in adjusting the few member’s complaints. Once they get members to sign a one year contract who care about making this gym one that we can enjoy. Please provide a phone number on your website for corporate. They need to know what goes on.

    Aiden Yates
    February 08, 2024

    Ever since beau left, this gym has gone down. Not as fun or exciting.. a lot of my buddies agree. Now the the new manager is here, he just stares at everyone like a roid head.. hes rude and not respectful.. it seems like we all have to bow down to him even as members here. Beau was a down to earth sweet guy and travis is just not a friendly dude. Gonna end up switching gyms with my buddies and a lot of others if this isn’t resolved.

    Steve T
    January 16, 2024

    Avoid this gym. Noticed they increased the monthly rate without notice. Not even an email, but I do receive their monthly emails wanting me to pay for a personal trainer. Decided to cancel because no one could provide me a reason. And due to their clause in the contract, they are charging me the increased rate for two months. Stay away from this gym and any gym with contacts designed just to get money out of its patrons. There is nothing special about this gym to warrant 32 dollars a month. Which is what my monthly rate increased to.

    The Edge Fitness Clubs

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    4025 Veteran's Memorial Pkwy, St Peters, MO 63376, USA

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