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    March 29, 2023

    I came into the store to look at ovens to compare prices. While I was there, I went ahead and grabbed paint brushes. I had trouble deciding on what brush to use with a stain application. No one asked me if I needed help in either section. As a matter of fact, 5 employees stood behind the paint desk (about 15 feet away) while I tried to find the right brush. Never did anyone ask if I was finding everything ok. But, those guys were having a jolly time telling stories. This is why I don’t shop at Home Depot. Lowe’s is my home. I was merely comparing oven prices. You’re actually competitive with a local hometown store and I’m going with the home town store because I get awesome service every time.

    Zach Hofman
    February 07, 2023

    My wife and I needed some storage bins for our house and we figured it'd be easy to do a curbside pickup since my wife had our 2 kids (under the age of 3) for the day while I was at work. After putting in the order it was ready within 30 minutes which was great. I set my wife up as a pickup person so that there were no confusion once she got to the store. I checked in for her on my app (since she doesn't have the app on her phone) and she proceeded to wait for 20-25 minutes with 2 screaming kids in the car, only for nobody to show up. She tried calling the store and nobody picked up the phone, which she then called me and told me the situation and I was very upset. After work I went up to the store myself to get the pickup (since we still need the bins no matter how bad the pickup service is). I waited 10 minutes for 1 of the 4 people standing in the customer service section to even acknowledge my existence, and I proceeded to share my wife's experience earlier. Their response? "Yeah our system is being weird today." That was it, no apology, no empathy. Great customer service. I then gave my phone number for my order and got my bins and left before I said something I regretted. Common courtesy goes a long way, and the Home Depot on Highway K has none of it.

    Debra Aglaia
    April 05, 2023

    What happened to customer service? I had a small item to return and thought I lucked out with an associate paying attention to me right away. Unfortunately, another store associate chose that moment to barge in and engage the person handling my return in another type of transaction. Excuse me?! I was there first, was obviously a customer, and store associates think it's okay to behave this way? Who is paying whose salaries?? What's worse is the associate doing the interrupting smirked at me as he finally walked away after keeping me waiting. Something is wrong with Home Depot at multiple locations (I was at this store because another store was "too busy" to take my return). Management needs to have a strong talk about keeping the customers happy. Sadly, this is yet another Home Depot I won't be wasting my time on again in future.

    Rishi Mishra
    February 09, 2023

    Got hardwood flooring installed by home depot. When the flooring for whole house was being replaced, cost estimate left out removal of old flooring from half the house. After being told that edging would be needed only around kitchen cabinets, they ordered edging for whole house . On the day of install we found out what they were planning. Installers talked to store and proceeded. A week later we found out that we have to pay additional $2000. Nice bait and switch ploy used by the company. Keep the initial estimate open ended and add the cost during/after the installation. Feel like an idiot for thinking Home Depot was a “reputable” company. Trying to get an answer from store manager is impossible. Lesson learned, never again. If you feel brave enough, show the estimate from Home Depot to multiple friends BEFORE starting. If you have any concerns, stop the installers.

    Kevin LeVart
    May 06, 2023

    Quite often I have mixed feelings about this Home Depot. I don’t go in there very often. However, when I do, I find that what I’m looking for is out of stock. Today I went in there to buy a particular ladder. I look online and the website says there are three in stock. I get there and they don’t have any out. I ask an associate for help. He gladly helps try and find some. However, he was unsuccessful.

    The Home Depot

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    1525 State Hwy K, O'Fallon, MO 63366, USA

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