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    Jay Boyle
    August 11, 2023

    We ordered a new dishwasher from Home Depot on July 11th - in order to "save time" I opted for the 'professional' installation. When the unit was delivered a week later, the installer failed to use the supplied mounting brackets, removed the noise/heat insulation blanket, and actually drilled INTO the new unit to try and secure it on the sides. He also completely failed to install the footplate. After he left I tried to use the unit and found that I couldn't close the door because of the screws in the side of the tub, and when I tried to push it closed the whole unit popped free and shifted in the opening under the counter. I immediately called Home Depot, and spent over FOUR hours on the phone trying to reach a solution. Twice while talking to agents they came back from having me on hold only to suddenly not be able to hear me, and when they couldn't get a response they hung up... The second time this happened I had handed my cellphone to my wife because I had to handle something for my remote employer, and the agent said "I'm sorry ma'am I can't hear you". How the hell did they know I'd given the phone to my wife if they couldn't hear us? It was just a ploy to be able to hang up. After refusing the ridiculous solutions they offered (They wanted me to keep a damaged, potentially dangerous, unit, and worse: wanted the installer to come back and "verify" the failed installation.) I finally got a replacement unit and a new installation team - but again I had to wait a week. After hanging up the phone my wife and I were cleaning and found that the installer had also caused a leak under my sink by over tightening the valve, so back on the phone we go - I was told this wouldn't be an issue and the next install team would handle it. When the next install team arrived, they refused to install the unit and said I needed a rescue plumber. They took our replacement unit back and left us without a dishwasher for another week while we waited for a plumber. After getting the valve repaired, we had to wait another four days for an install team, and when they arrived and installed the unit, they found that one of the legs had broken and stripped the mounting, meaning that the unit couldn't be levelled safely. They completed installation but said that I would get ANOTHER replacement in ANOTHER week. When the crew arrived today with the dishwasher packed, shrink-wrapped, and secured I thought all would be good - only to see giant dents in the dishwasher door once they opened up all the packaging. Four install attempts, damage to my house, a month without a dishwasher for a family of five, and three units later I decided enough was enough. I just got a refund on the entire order. Want to guess when they'll be coming to pick up the broken replacement unit? In a week. Home Depot installation is a scam - and worse, DANGEROUS - DO NOT USE HOME DEPOT INSTALLATION. To be safe, don't use Home Depot. I am never buying anything there again. The lack of care in customer service, the lack of professionalism in installation, the lack of ANY form of apology during this entire mess has absolutely destroyed any chance of me ever using them again.

    September 03, 2023

    i had a curbside pickup today for a grill. it was a little too big for my suv so i mentioned i’d sit there and work on getting it out of the box. jacob, the one who brought it out, helped me unbox it & figure out how to fit it in my car. he was an absolute GEM!!!!! he did not have to stay outside in the hot sun and help me figure it out but did. i wanted to tip him but he wasn’t allowed to accept tips. home depot should definitely change this rule because he deserved it!! thank you jacob!

    jenna K
    August 27, 2023

    Rude. Chris S was helping me with my returns and was SO RUDE. don’t recommend at all, if your working for customer service at least fake it til you make it but don’t be rude to people, no communication just expecting them to know how to do everything. end of story maybe put the more friendly people who can actually look like they like their job for customer service.

    ashraf saed
    August 18, 2023

    Never use there services , or there pro referral program . I needed my kitchen cabinets painted (they are in great condition just needed to change color). Home Depot referred me to pro referral program and send me someone to paint the cabinets They damaged them did horrible job, when I went back to Home Depot they asked me to contact pro referral directly and pro referral said they are not responsible. So just an advice don’t use pro referral or Home Depot referral . They are the worst.

    Paul Strickland
    August 16, 2023

    Great experience. A worker named Heidi went way and above the call of duty to help us find what we needed. Steve was also very helpful. I hope management reads this.

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