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    Kelsey Via
    May 05, 2024

    I came in with high blood pressure and quickly realized how serious it was. Everyone there was soo nice and understood that I was stressed and really freaked out by the whole situation. Every single person who came into my room was so patient and understanding. I am extremely grateful for Marlee who went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable and to figure out next steps. The whole staff definitely made a stressful situation much easier to deal with.

    Janice Hoban
    April 28, 2024

    You can rest assured that the staff will give you superior care. 9 months ago I went in for what I thought was a respiratory infection. Through testing and great medical advice I was told that they suspected a tumor and I should get additional medical testing. Much to my surprise their direction was correct. I can now say because of the expert care I received I'm alive and cancer free. I owe this to the team at Total Access. Thank You.

    Frances Raia
    May 14, 2024

    I had a stomach virus and was very dyhydrated with stomach cramps. The care was great, I had a ct scan, blood work and a urine test showing dyhydration. I was given fluids and felt much better. Everyone was very professional and polite, explaining every thing well. Thank you!

    Janet Martin
    April 16, 2024

    My elderly mother went to this urgent care once- 1 week ago, and then again today. My mom has an auto immune lung disease. They did not do a chest x-ray last week. She went back today because she was still not feeling well and they told her she had pneumonia after doing a chest x-ray, then she was told as she was leaving by a male employee, that there is no such thing as pneumonia vaccines. I made sure she didn’t mean that there wasn’t one for her treatment of having pneumonia not just the prevention of and she verified what he told her. So she then asked me if she’s had pneumonia vaccines and I told her yes it’s now called Prevnar 21 (lower numbers years earlier due to new strains).My mom is up-to-date on all of her pneumonia vaccinations because of her lung issue) because she was having trouble getting her prescription due to computer issues. I called the Urgent Care to have them resend the prescription. The young lady at the front desk was very pleasant and kind. When I told her some of my concerns about her visits, she passed me over to a gentleman who sounded pretty young and sure of himself. He told me that he was the one who walked her out and told her that there was no pneumonia vaccine then proceeded to tell me he found out differently after she left. He then told me that he did not tell her that they don’t exist, but that there aren’t any pneumonia vaccines, which is saying the same thing especially if you didn’t know that they did exist.. he stated the reason why they did not do an x-ray. The first time she visited was because they have a protocol that anyone under the age of 60 has had to be coughing more than a few days to warrant an x-ray so that’s why it wasn’t done.(read that again if you didn’t catch the criteria). My mother is well over the age of 70 and has an auto immune lung condition and it should’ve been warranted. He then proceeded to say the reason why they did an x-ray today was because she was coughing for a week. when I asked him if he was an admin person or a medical professional, he responded “why is this relevant, I feel like you are trying to scrutinize me”. I was taken aback. Lots of red flags had already gone up before making this phone call and even more so we’re added during the simple conversation, I was a medical professional. I would’ve answered the question whether I was or wasn’t obviously he is a medical professional because he did not want to answer the question but tried to gaslight me As if I was going to start tormenting him. It was a simple professional question and he could not, and would not answer it. I told him the reason why I wanted to know was because my mother put her trust in them two times and he immediately cut me off and said, and we appreciate her, putting her trust in us and then proceeded to change the conversation to try to end it. he said he already took care of resending her prescription which I was thankful for. I’m trying to keep my mom alive as long as I possibly can and they apparently do not care about patient care, customer care or having any decency. You cannot admit to saying something wrong and then turn around and say that you didn’t say it , just by using one different word. The last time my mom had pneumonia. She was hospitalized for two weeks because she was misdiagnosed and sent home. I pray that they have not done this to other people, especially the elderly or people who are auto immune compromised. I hope the HR department and the leaders of that Urgent Care reevaluate who they have working At their facilities.

    Shelley Underhill
    January 30, 2024

    My visit both times were for a work related injury. The first visit went smoothly. Short wait time, friendly staff, etc. The second visit took longer, as there were more people needing attention. The staff at TAUC made sure to come in and let me know the progress. I didn't have to sit and wonder why they weren't seeing me. It was nice that they took my time into consideration. Once I was seen, the process went smoothly and relatively quickly from there. I have always had courteous staff members at his location ( Hwy K & I-70).

    Total Access Urgent Care

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    507 S Main St, O'Fallon, MO 63366, USA

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