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    N “NandGMO” P
    June 08, 2022

    I purchased a couch this past weekend, and it was scheduled for delivery today. I paid $149 for delivery. When it arrived, it was missing the legs for the chaise footstool. The delivery driver stated that he saw and extra set of legs at the warehouse, but he didn't know what they were for so he left them at the warehouse. Mistakes happen. The delivery driver connected me with a dispatcher that told me that I would have to come to the warehouse to pick up the legs. I explained to her that while I understand that mistakes occur, I paid to have the couch delivered complete, and it was not. I should not have to drive to the warehouse to pick up parts that should have been delivered in the first place. I asked her if I drove to pick them up, would I be credited the $149. She said no, and there was nothing she could do. I called and spoke with Weekends Only Customer Service (after being on hold for nearly 45 minutes), and was informed that they could send them through the mail and it would be up to 10 business days before I receive them. I told her that was not satisfactory, and I expected them to be delivered no later than tomorrow. A request that I felt was reasonable. She stated that she could not do that. I have now purchased a couch that I cannot use, with no resolution in sight. Considering returning the couch. I will not be purchasing from Weekend Only every again. Very poor customer service and delivery.

    Lisa Pearia
    October 20, 2022

    We bought a reclining couch and reclining chair this weekend at Weekends Only in Saint Peter’s. Paid to have them delivered and set up. Was told when we paid for the items that we would receive a call between 8 and 11am to tell us what time they would be delivered the day of delivery. I received a call at 6:49 AM the day of delivery stating they would be here in 45 minutes! My husband is a late night worker and had only been in bed since about 3 AM! We had requested a later delivery if it all possible when we paid for the items. Delivery persons arrived, no mask ….even though I have a sign that clearly states I am immuno compromised, did not remove their shoes or put on booties even though the floor was freshly mopped! Left trash and twisty ties from the furniture on my freshly mopped floor let the couch fall over while installing the back cushions. Not impressed with the lack of communication and the extremely early delivery that was totally inappropriate given we had relayed that my husband was a late night worker. Even if they had waited till eight or nine in the morning it would have been fine. It’s rude to assume that everyone is up at that hour of the morning to receive a phone call let alone a delivery. Finance and delivery people need to get it together and give accurate information to people purchasing items for delivery!

    Beth Fearnley
    October 23, 2022

    We ordered a sectional, beautiful piece and great price. Sales person was very nice but unfortunately there was likely a complete misunderstanding of how we thought the sectional was being ordered to set up (she said we could order it in reverse multiple times as I kept asking and so did my husband) we waited two months to have it delivered which was fine, we thought it was due to having the couch set up in reverse just for it to come in incorrectly. We then looked online and realized it isn’t capable of being set up in reverse. I then was extremely disappointed and felt lied to for a sale. I am entitled to my opinions and feelings so to simply have an apology for the miscommunication would have solved everything. But that’s not how it went. This escalated very quickly into a horrible customer service experience. We go in to return the couch as we called and let them know the situation. We arrive and start to look for a new one to replace it before moving onto another furniture store, just to have another salesman be completely disrespectful and his body language was arms crossed as if he was trying to intimidate me. His tone was complete rude and disrespectful. Horrible for customer service. I don’t know how long he’s worked there but I would hope he hasn’t been there long as he likely will have these issues arise again. But this is Not happening with me, I absolutely will not allow a man to try to intimidate me with body language and his smart remarks right to me face. My husband was trying to talk to him and he was still trying to look at me and remain rude to me. He even tried saying you can order it in reverse and my husband had to explain that you cannot order it in reverse and it’s just the chaise that can be reversed. Then he said unprofessionally, “yea that’s right” then proceeded to turn to me with his arms still crossed and try to talk down to me and tell basically tried to make me feel as if I’m not entirely to my own opinions and feelings instead of just saying this was probably a complete misunderstanding and I apologize, what sectional would work for you, at this point my husband was so fed up he said let’s just return it to me and the salesman said “you do what you have to do” very unprofessionally. Clearly we won’t be purchasing anything from there again. However, the lady at the front desk was so professional and nice during our return so I wouldn’t say the whole experience was awful due to her curtsey and customer service, unfortunately their salesman was so rude we just won’t go back. I hope management deals with this situation appropriately. Especially since he walked up to two other saleswomen and was talking loud and rudely about us as we were walking to the counter for the return.

    Brandon Walter
    October 30, 2022

    Tia was very helpful when I had questions on mattresses and helped me narrow down my choices. I came back later and was assisted by Mitch and the rest of the team to get the finances and delivery squared away. Very happy with everyone I dealt with.

    Ashlee Finley
    December 08, 2022

    10/10 DO NOT recommend. Ordered a couch and a loveseat the first week of September, set to deliver in October, then email pushing it back to November, then email pushing it back to today 12/7/22. Now the pushing back of the delivery due to produxt shortages I understand and accept but we never received anything stating they were not coming today.. I paid a friend to drive an hour to sit at my house all day to receive the delivery, that never came. No call, no email, no nothing. I attempted to call multiple times this week, was prompted that if I would like to keep my place in line and get a call back when its my turn I could do that. Did that multiple times, never got a call back. Sat on hold for 2 hours today. Noone answered and the phone disconnected. Still sitting here with no new furniture and not so much as an email to say anything about it. Its an absolute display of incompetence and a terrible business strategy if the hope is to stay in business long term.

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