The 5 stars to the impact!

28 June 2021

Positive reviews can be the lifeblood of your marketing campaigns. After all, more consumers are using review sites, social media, and many other platforms to choose companies, services, and products based upon their reputations. In fact, they’re also leveraging these same platforms to locate top-rated employers.

Thus, whether your goal is to source the best talent in your industry or foster more conversions, you should be using the positive feedback you receive to achieve the desired end. It’s time to place your positive reviews in the spotlight! Now you might be wondering just how to do that. So, below we’ve listed several ways you can get started…

Using Word-of-Mouth Advertising to Grow Your Brand in the Digital World

For centuries, word-of-mouth advertising has been recognized as the most powerful and important form of advertising that companies have access to. Surprisingly, it also happens to be the cheapest. This is advertising that you earn by living up to or exceeding expectations. By encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews, and showing them exactly how and where to leave them, you can quickly and significantly increase your online appeal. When your business has a five-star rating on its Google My Business listing, engaging videos with customer testimonials, and numerous social media posts highlighting its attributes, new customers are almost a guarantee to come rolling in. Moreover, not only will you attract more clients this way, but the automatic trust that’s been garnered via positive feedback will also make these new shoppers feel comfortable spending larger sums of money.

How to Get Started

Taking full advantage of the 5-star ratings you receive is a multi-pronged effort. Bear in mind that not everyone will be using the same platforms to assess and vet new businesses. Many of your prospects will be found on specific social platforms, whereas others may navigate no further than the first few pages of search engine results. It’s additionally important to note that video hosting platforms like YouTube are giving general search engines a run for their money. This makes it best to additionally use advertising videos that attest to your ratings history, or videos that include glowing testimonials .

Reputation Marketing is the Proactive Approach to Reputation Management

Capitalizing on positive reviews won’t just provide rapid and marked improvements to your bottom line. It can also serve as a very effective form of proactive reputation management. By taking steps to showcase your business in positive ways, and by showing that your business has already proven itself approval-worthy, you’ll be advance-countering any negative attacks on your commercial reputation, long before they ever occur. To find out how Reputation Marketing can turn your 5-star reviews into more conversions, higher profits, and a well-protected commercial image, get in touch with us today.

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